Performance Protected Series


Arranged by Tom Wallace/Jay Dawson

Drill Designed by Jeff Fackler

Designed and powered by Creative Solutions

Gears, sprockets, cogs, steam…the machine whirrs to life and pulls the audience into an alternate reality. Drawing on the Victorian/futurist Steampunk style to offer a sense of magic, romance, and timelessness, this eclectic musical contraption relentlessly steams along, driving the visual package like few scores are able.

Funeral For A Friend/Ah-Ha!

Romantic Symphony

KA – Battlefield

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Performance Time: 7:54
Total Drill Sets: 46
Drill Grade: Medium
Music Grade: Medium Advanced

Drill Progressions-PPS


  • Performance Protection (Visual Only)*
  • Drill Charts, Coordinate Sheets, and Animation for all band sizes
  • Delivered via download

*Performance Protection (visual only) is available on a first come-first serve basis, within an approximate 100 mile radius of your school, regardless of state lines.

Band Sizes

48 Winds / 10 Percussion / 12 Guard

64 Winds / 10 Percussion / 16 Guard

80 Winds / 12 Percussion / 20 Guard

96 Winds / 12 Percussion / 24 Guard

Drill Progressions-PPS and Music Package - $1,225.00

Drill Progressions-PPS ONLY - $895.00

Music ONLY - $330.00

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